Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Should CCHIT Influence Your EHR Decision

Software Advice for Electronic Medical RecordsBy: Don Fornes
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CCHIT promotes that through their certification process, the organization “sets the bar for EHR products.” We agree. However, we question if that bar has been set too high relative to most ambulatory care organizations’ current requirements and IT capabilities. Even if a majority of EHR vendors achieve certification, will physicians follow suite by adopting the functionality specified in the CCHIT criteria?As we review the list of CCHIT Certified EHRs, we recognize many great software products.

We see great benefit to the features specified by CCHIT. However, we can’t help but wonder how long it will take for the traditionally “late adopter” physician market to accept and implement the requirements specified by CCHIT’s technologically savvy Commission.
So, in the interest of serving our provider audience, here are five key takeaways for use in determining CCHIT’s role in your EHR selection:

Review the CCHIT criteria yourself and determine the relevance of each to your ideal workflow. The criteria are well defined, so even if you do not need every capability, you could select a subset for use in evaluating EHRs for your practice.

Understand the binary nature of CCHIT certification. If an EHR does not fully address each of the CCHIT requirements, it will not be certified. Therefore recognize that there are many good EHRs that may not achieve certification, but may still meet your requirements. Consider the requirements of your specialty. If you need EHR capabilities specific to your segment of medicine, realize that CCHIT does not yet cover specialties. You have to evaluate specialty requirements on your own.

Do your homework on other critical evaluation criteria that fall outside CCHIT, including: ease-of-use, customer satisfaction and vendor viability. CCHIT is very clear that these due diligence items are the buyer’s responsibility.

Understand the biases of both CCHIT proponents and detractors. It is natural for these industry players to have strong opinions, just be sure to put them in context, do your own research, and understand that the ultimate decision is yours.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The internet has revolutionized patient care and practice


Instant access improves care but professionals must overcome misinformation that patients might find online.

When a patient presented with a thyroid mass that turned out to be thyroid lymphoma upon further examination, Thomas Repas, DO, turned to the internet. Within 20 minutes, a simple search revealed an extensive list of reliable, published articles on the rare disease.
“The internet has really revolutionized medical care. It wasn’t too long ago when we were without these opportunities,” Repas, a clinical endocrinologist in Rapid City, S.D., told HemOnc Today.

A November 2008 survey by Epocrates, a leading provider of clinical information and decision support tools for health care professionals, revealed that physicians are accessing online clinical resources more than ever. Seventy percent of the 501 physicians surveyed reported going online for clinical information at least once a day, and 20% of those reported using web-based resources five or more times a day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eldercare via Television

Television-based portal for care of older adults


BL Healthcare, is a Massachusetts-based health care technology company (http://www.blhealthcare.com ) that develops, installs and supports remote health management solutions. The Company's services link patients, providers, and caregivers for the monitoring and management of wellness and disease states at distributed points of healthcare access, particularly in the patient's home.

For further information, please contact Doug Kinner at (508) 543 4150 -- info@blhealthcare.com

BL Healthcare, Inc.
33 Commercial Street
Suite #3
Foxboro, MA 02035
Telephone:+1 508 543 4150

Friday, April 11, 2008

Home Care Telephony Technology

HealthMEDX is committed to the progression and improvement of home health wellness technology advancements. As a part of this initiative - HealthMEDX has a fully integrated home care telephony system to enable and improve a home care agency communications with their field caregiver team.
  • Broadcast organizational messages
  • Deliver caregiver schedules
  • Update care plans, and much more

Read more on how this integrated technology can work for your home care organization:

About HealthMEDX:

HealthMEDX, Inc. a privately owned company based in southwest Missouri, is the industry leader of integrated software solutions for the extended care market. HMX's CareMEDX product suite is the only Web- based solution that addresses the needs of long-term care, home care and rehab. The depth of product services positions HMX as a leading innovator in the health information technology community. CareMEDX product offerings are unsurpassed, featuring the clinical electronic medical record census / patient management, financial, analytics, dashboard, workflow and portal.

At HMX we value our relationships with our customers, employees and partners. We are committed to deliver lasting value to help improve quality of care, maximize productivity, support business growth, and manage risk.

To learn more about CareMEDX benefits, call 877-875-1200 or visit http://www.healthmedx.com/
Donald M. O’Rourke
11924 Forest Hill Blvd
Suite 22, # 384
Wellington, FL 33414

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Care Information Technology Council (HITC)

The Home Care Information Technology Council (HITC) includes nearly 30 leading technology companies offering products and services to the home care and hospice industries. Established in 1999, the Council's mission is to promote expanded use of information technology through education.

Our goal is to help home care and hospice executives better understand how information technology can be utilized to improve operational performance and patient care.
The companies involved in HITC offer a wide array of technology-based products and services to home care and hospice providers.

These include back office administrative and clinical systems, point-of-care data capture technologies, in-home telehealthcare devices, and benchmarking, consulting and outsourcing services.
5100 N. Towne Centre Dr.
Ozark, MO 65721
Office Phone: (417) 582-1816 x2362
Toll Free: (877) 875-1200

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Answers for your Home Health Care Business

About TCG

Since 1989, The Corridor Group, Inc. has proven its ability to smartly navigate the quickly changing health care landscape by providing professional home care technology and hospice consulting services. We are creative and innovative in our approach to problem solving by anticipating and responding to the critical need for guidance in health care, TCG has secured its place as an industry leader. With the rising demand for home care and hospice consulting services, TCG has positioned itself as a key player in the industry.

We are committed to providing quality consulting services. We offer strategic and organizational analysis, implementation, guidance and education to a diverse client base that spans the U.S. and abroad. TCG understands the challenges that arise for home care and hospice organizations and we have firsthand experience in the issues that affect your business.As a proven leader in change management and consulting, TCG offers creative solutions that revitalize business and positively impact growth potential.

By quickly adapting to the changing trends and technology in this competitive health care market, TCG remains at the forefront, offering real-world advice and insight for the future of health care.

Contact us to learn how TCG uses its resources, industry knowledge and innovation to help clients achieve their goals:

The Corridor Group, Inc.
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Toll-Free: 866-263-3795
Local: 913-362-0600